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Dlouha 1242
25301 Hostivice
Praha - zapad
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Cavalier club show Prague Sept 26 2009
judges Heather (girls) and Robert (boys) Lamonts - Moorfield cavaliers

Yardley Perle du Sahel in open black and tan dogs
excellent 1st
CAC, Best in Variety = Best Black and tan dog
"Very nice type, shape and size, nice head expression, good eyes, nice profile, good front, good hind angulation,
very happy on the stand, good ear feathers, moved soundly and happily."

Blossom Perle du Sahel in open ruby dogs
excellent 1st CAC
"nice size, good bone, good overall construction, good shoulders, well angulated hindquarters, nice full head, large
eyes, good pigmentation, nice outline on the stands, little uncertain on the move but moved generally soundly,
good overall type."

Epple Brandy Perle du Sahel in champion tricolor females
excellent 1st CAC
"well marked, feminine and refined pretty girl, attractive head with soft expression. good neck and shoulders,
level topline, very well angulated throughout. she moved and showed well. very worthy champion."

Yasmine Perle du Sahel in open black and tan females
excellent 2nd resCAC
"very pretty, feminine little girl of excellent size and substance. attractive head with lustruous dark round eyes.
showed and moved well.lacked furnishings especially on tail today."

Yippee Perle du Sahel in open ruby females
excellent 2nd resCAC
"very pretty ruby with exquisite head and expression. elegant neck, level topline well made front and rear. quality
exhibit but why trimmed feet?"

Toraylac Bohemian Rhapsody in open tricolor dogs
excellent 2nd resCAC
"nice shape, size and type, good reach of neck, nice head and eye good expression, good shoulders, correct front,
nice topline, good hind angulation, short hocks, very happy temperament, moving a little loose behind on the
day, tail carriage was high at times."

Valentino Perle du Sahel in puppy tricolor dogs
Very promising 1st
"nice size and type, good dark eye, nice expression, rich tan markings, little unsure on the table, nice neck, good
shoulders, level topline. good angulation, movement little erractic at the moment - needs to settle, nice overall
type and size."

Tangerine Perle du Sahel in junior tricolor females
excellent 1st, CAJC, Best junior female, Best of Juniors !!!
Congratulations to her owners Darko and Dubravka from Croatia, thnks for showing this little girl here!