dob Mar 18 2007
Tanmerack Botticelli
Lymrey Royal Scandal
at Ricksbury
Emsmere Royalist
Lymrey Top of the Pops
Tanmerack Fantin-Latour
Toraylac Joshua
Tanmerack Edith Sitwell
Tanmerack Cyd Charisse
Zapangu Divine jackeroo
Maranty Digger Jack
Zapangu Angelface
Tanmerack Greta Garbo
Linjato Ace of Base
Tanmerack Fantin-Latour
Kenny is in CZ for limited time and available
to healthy pretty cavalier ladies around.
Thanks Wendy for letting this boy stay with us
and add some new blood lines to Czech cavalier
Kenny enjoyes his holidays
at Croatian seaside....