Jackie je spoluvlastněn a žije u kavalírů Silver Capricorn

nar 6.6. 2006
Jack Daniels
Myhope fever
UK ch
Harana Courtney Of Sumara
Ch Harana Too Darn Hot
Linvid Enchanted Rose For Harana
Follow That Dream
Beewye Magics Berberis
Gabledene Graceland of Myhope
Clopsville Sherry
Leelyn Twister
ch.Juzandia Rock on Tommy
ch.Archirondel Sweet Melody by Leelyn
Clopsville Chianti
Ch Myhope Fever
Clopsville Martini
French Kiss
Perle du Sahel
Leelyn Twister
ch.Juzandia Rock on Tommy
ch.UK Harana Rockstar at Denstone
Juzandia New Flame at Suchfun
ch.Archirondel Sweet Melody by Leelyn
Leelyn Little Louis
Leelyn Chaflur
Only a Rose d´Ysatis
Nut Rocker from Grantilley
ckcs USA ch Harana Charlie Parker
Grantilley Blackberry
Lys des Arnuettes
Ch.FR,Inter.akc Pamedna Pedro Rosso, (UK)
Hariane des Arnuettes
KV Kutna hora,
pos.A.+L.Rennard UK Uk
"Delightfull, love little dog, very friendly, his tail never stop wagging, very pretty head and
expression, well constructed, lovely coat, moved well, exellent"

výborná 1, CAjC
KV Kutna Hora  2007, A. a L. Rennard, UK
v 1,CAJC
SV Vinor 2007, S. Waters,UK
v 1,CAJC
Junior sampion Lux