nar. 7.4.2002

Kavalir & King klubova 22.rijna 2005    270 psu v kat.

Ken Town Uk
"Small pretty bitch with very good body shape, short coupled a little low on the leg but
excellent tail cariagge and very large dark eyes and correct lenght of muzzle, moved well
enough keeping level topline and never stopped wagging her tail, nicely angulated quarters"

Vyborna 1, CAC
Obispo of Woodville
Linjato Ace of Base
Ch.Angl. Alberto
of Kindrum
Linjato Moonlight Shadow
Astralea Victoria
Salador Cadfael
James Bonny Jane of Astralea
Mrs Robinson of Woodville
ch.Lux Nut Rocker
from Grantilley
ch.UK ch.USA Harana Charlie Parker
Grantilley Blackberry
Joplin des Arnuettes
ch.FR, ch.Intl. Pamedna
Pedro Rosso
Full Moon de Bhoronzov