Sampion BiH
Sampion Luxemburska
Junior sampion BiH
2x vitez barvy
Vitez Bavorska
nar. 5.8.2003
Leelyn Twister  
import UK
Juzandia Rock on Tommy
ch.UK Harana Rockstar at Denstone
Juzandia New Flame at Suchfun
ch.UK Archirondel
Sweet Melody by Leelyn
Leelyn Little Louis
Leelyn Chaflur
Only a Rose d´Ysatis
Nut Rocker from Grantilley
import UK
Harana Charlie Parker
Grantilley Blackberry
Lys des Arnuettes
Ch.FR,Inter. Pamedna Pedro Rosso, import UK
Hariane des Arnuettes

Kavalir & King klubova 22.rijna 2005    270 psu v kat.

Ken Town Uk
"Striking bitch of excellent size and type, good angles both ends, excellent topline and tail
carriage, moved with assurance, very pretty head with excellent dark large eyes, correct
lenght muzzle, good ear set."

V 1, CAC, Vitez barvy, Klubova vitezka !!
CACIB Zagreb 2003 - very promissing
CACIB Mostar 15.5.2004, Exc.1,CAJC
CAC Stary Brijeg 15.5.2004 midnight show, Exc.1,CAJC
CAC Medzugorje 16.5.2004, Exc.1,CAJC
Junior champion BiH
CACIB Luxembourg 4.9.04, Exc.1,JCACL,
Champion jeune des Lux.
CACIB Lux, 26.3.2005 judge-Zena Thorn Andrews Exc.1,CACL
spec.jesenice, 16.4.2005, Claudine Metans,
Exc.1 CAC
vitez barvy
CACIB Zadar 30.4.2005, Exc.1 CAC resCACIB
CACIB Zadar 1.5.2005, exc.1 CAC resCACIB
Klub SK, 7.5.2005, Mrs.Inman Cunningham UK, VD2
Klub CZ,Kutna Hora 14.5.2005, Pauline Sidwick UK,
Exc.1 CAC, VB, Nejhezci ruby Kavalir vystavy
Klub Spol.plemena,LUX,23.7.2005, Exc.1 CAC
Sampion Luxemburska
CACIB Gradiska 10.9.2005, Milivoe Urosevic, Exc.1,CAC,CACIB
CAC Gradiska 11.9.2005, Matyas, Exc.1,CAC
Champion Bih
CAC Meitingen 29.10.2005, Urosevic, Exc.1,CAC
Vitez Bavorska
CAC Meitingen 30.10.2005, Erica Bolt, Exc.1,CAC